Certified Public Accountants


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. It is to put our clients first. We listen to all of our clients’ needs and goals and do our best to help them get to where they want to be financially.

We care about our clients like they are our family. It is important for us to build a trusting relationship with our clients because our clients are sharing a part of their lives with us. We do not want to be the typical CPA that only appears during tax season. We want to be there for our clients throughout the year.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes in every single situation. Simply put: “we do unto our clients as we want to be treated when we are the client.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide value to our clients, either by helping them minimize their taxes through tax planning or improving their business accounting systems so they can focus their time on what matters the most. We want to educate our clients in tax and accounting because we feel that this is very important to our clients’ success.

Often times tax and accounting services are seen as an added expense and not an investment or an asset because the results may not be seen instantly. However, tax planning or efficient accounting can really help generate value in the long run.

Our Experience

We have experience in many different industries including hospitality, professional services, retail, and real estate. Our strong work ethic stems from our foundation and experience working for the top public accounting firms in the world. We also have experience in private accounting, in which we worked for large public companies in Central Florida.

We are now determined to take all of that experience and knowledge in helping small and medium size businesses achieve even higher success.

Meet our CPAs

June Wong, CPA


Education │ University of Florida - Bachelors in Marketing │ University of Central Florida - Masters in Hospitality & Tourism Management │ University of Central Florida - Masters in Taxation

  Industry Expertise │ Hospitality │ Retail │ Professional Services │ Real Estate │ Nonprofit
  The Quote I Live By │ "Always do more than is required of you." ~ George S. Patton

May Wong, CPA


Education │ University of Central Florida - Bachelors in Accounting │ University of Central Florida - Masters in Accounting  

Industry Expertise │ Hospitality │ Real Estate │ Telecommunications │ Higher Education Institutions
The Quote I Live By │ "Never compromise your priorities." ~ A Friend